Why Madison


Leak detector
Device type: 2NFICON.HLD5000
Function: check whether welding parts are leaking or not

Test instrument for safe performance
(electric performance tester)
Device type: AN9651B;
Manufacturer: Qingdao Ainor Intelligent Instrument Co., ltd.
Main purpose security test for high voltage, grounding, insulation, leakage, etc.

Leak detector (portable)
Function: check whether welding parts are leaking or not, easy to carry and hand.


ABS Material

I. High working pressure
2. Good impact resistance
3. The chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless, completely conform to the requirements of the health security of food industry
4. Small fluid
5. Wide temperature range -2 0°C — +70°C
6. Long-life time
7. Simple installation and fine seal
8. Light weight

PE Material

1. Simple construction
2. Nice flexible material
3. No need anti-corrosion treatment, save more process
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